States of change 

August 8, 2016 § Leave a comment

During our summer we have all been in a state of change.

I would be lying if I said it’s been a great summer.

We have had some fun but we walk daily with heavy hearts and fear as my mother’s illness progresses. 

Aidan is preparing to change schools. From public high school to private high school. 

I am preparing to switch roles at work which has kept me busy this summer creating new curriculum.

Tim is preparing for some possible changes at work.

Ari is prepping  for a new school year.

And my dad is preparing for the inevitable (as are the rest of us).

We are cocooned and I am not sure what will emerge . 

I love change actually but all of at once like this is overwhelming. Especially when there is one dreadful change lurking. I suppose that is how life always seems to happen – all at once.

I am so grateful for the amazing friends and family that have supported us through this hellish year.  

I hope a time of peace awaits us all.

I remind myself “God has a plan and it’s perfect every time …. Even if in the moment I think it sucks”. 

Where have I been?

August 2, 2016 § 2 Comments

I don’t write much at all anymore.

Much of the reason is out of fear. Fear of everything being misconstrued and being taken personally by the wrong people.

It’s hard to voice your opinion when you are worn out.

For the past year I have been helping to support my mother who is now on hospice because of kidney cancer. This is where most of my mental energy goes. It is not my place to write more about her here. Other than I love her, I am glad she is here in my house and I savor every moment we have left together.

I have also been busy finishing my specialized certificate in assistive technology to push me up to a masters degree + 15.  This is where a good chunk of my mental energy has  gone this year too. 

I still have passionate ideas, philosophies and stories to tell about special education as a parent, teacher and now assistive tech specialist. I keep the under wraps for when the time is right and maybe a time when its ok to share my thoughts without fear.

Summer has been very tame, mostly home and researching for my new classroom experience for next year. Making the leap from kindergarten to high school is kind of cool!

My kiddos are amazing as always and take up what’s left of my mental space.

Just trying to check in and say hello – 😘I’m still here, still thinking about writing  – 

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