January 3, 2016 § 3 Comments

This past two weeks my life and my family’s life has been stuck in limbo as we watch my mother suffer from her cancer.  Everyday just hanging on to what will happen next.  

It has been impossible to plan for anything at all.  We just don’t know what the next day will be. 

I have missed more than my fair share of work.  I am an only child and so is my dad – so it’s like the two of holding each other up to get through this.

My extended family is amazing- the texts, the visits and the food. It helps it truly does. Sometimes we just don’t know what to say because we are so numb. 

My children have not gotten the best from me and I feel terrible. When I am with them I am trying extra hard to be “cheerful”.  I don’t want them falling into the deep dark abyss my dad and I are in. 

Cancer sucks – there is no other way to say it.  

To my fellow teachers – thanks for putting up with all my absence.

To my friends – you know me and have been glorious in your support – you all know how to make me laugh and distract me.

To my family – ahhh you are the true  embodiment of love.  We are a small group but tough and I am blessed to have you all! Thank God the Zucchero sisters taught us all how to be strong and take care of each other – I suppose that is their legacy.  

My husband – my rock – picking up the slack and trying his hardest. I love you more everyday.

My kids – my loves, my light, my sunshine – your smiles and hugs melt everthing away and sustain me.  

Me – I have faith.  I was taught about faith through watching a friend suffer through a horrible tradegy.  I told her this many times. Her gift to me from her own personal hell. 

I have found a personal mantra I try to remember “God has a plan and it’s perfect every time…. Even when it sucks” 

Thank you for reading what I write – I suppose my blog has shifted from its original purpose but it is truly my own therapy.  It helps me clear my head. 

Love to all

Prayers for my mom

God bless 

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