Praying 2016 brings more laughter!

December 31, 2015 § Leave a comment

I hate New Years Eve.  I mean let’s face it as we get older it’s just another night.  Looking back on this out year it was mostly full of hell infused with some really good times.  Over the past year I watched my daughter suffer through having rods surgically placed in her spine and continue to watch my mother suffer through cancer.  I have been sad more than happy but have become extremely good at “putting a smile on my face.”  

This year as well I decided to go back to school and some other professional adventures.  Those are good things but some days I feel like “What the hell was I thinking?” When regular life seems hard enough.

I have struggled with staying fit this year.  There is so much stress! – this is making me feel like crap but I know it will eventually improve.

We did have excitement with Aidan and his progress in lacrosse and academically. He works so hard to be the best kid he can be and he knows how much his dad and I appreciate it.

Ari is happy at school. Period. That is a blessing.

We took a wonderful trip to Disney as a family and that was a great wealth of happy memories. 

We had a relaxing week in New Hampshire that my Parents were part of – likely the last trip I will ever take with my mom.  I savored every moment and I am so grateful for some fantastic laughs we had!

In the spring my mom, Ari and I took a trip to Kentucky which was quite an adventure but full with some sadness. Although the stories we have to tell from this whirlwind trip make it worth it.   Someday I will tell you the story of Namny and her bus ride with Big Daddy! Lol.

And then there is Tim – my love, my rock and the one person I don’t get to spend time with.  We work so hard to support our family there is seldom anytime left over  for ourselves.  We know this will eventually change and for now we manage, hold each other up on the days we want to crash from emotions or exhaustion. But God knows even on the days when we aggravate each other there is no one else I’d want to go through this crazy life with. 

Another blessing has seeing my parents love for each other in action – daily. Cancer sucks and can tear you apart but watching the love my parents have and how strong my father is – although the source (cancer) is hellish – watching their love is so beautiful!

I am praying 2016 bring more laughter than tears! 

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