August 3, 2015 § 2 Comments

Tonight was an amazing night for our family.  The theme I would say would be “overcoming”.

Tonight my daughter took the stage for her first real drumming performance of her life.  It was in no way a typical “first concert”.  Her drum teacher, who rocks, (pun intended) invited Ari to play with his band during an Italian feast in Boston’s North End. 

She practiced for months.  She was excited and nervous and so were we. This was a huge undertaking given Arianna’s, anxiety, sound sensitivities, distraction and having never met or heard the band play before.  Also just the thought that sixth short months ago she had undergone one of the largest surgeries a person can go through having her entire thoracic spine fused with rods and screws.

But she overcame it all!

I can’t say it was the best I have ever heard her play but that’s not what mattered it was everything else that mattered.

Having my parents with us celebrating their 49 wedding anniversary – that mattered!  A whole different form of “overcoming” in its own way!

My mom, who is living with further metastasis of kidney cancer and deals with so much spinal pain from it made the journey into the city to be part of all of it! Talk about “overcoming”!

But most of all seeing my little girl up on that stage, overcoming every single obstacle she had to deal with in that moment made me the happiest person on Earth! She put her anxiety aside, she didn’t let the noise get to her and even when the band members started doing a crazy dance right next to her she drummed right through it – not letting the distraction of them or the ever growing crowd get the best of her! 

Maybe people watched her, not seeing all these hidden obstacles or even the less hidden giant noise canceling headphone  or the top of her spinal scar showing and thought that she was not anything special. But, had they seen it from my eyes, dealt with the hours of therapies, naysayers, medications, and doctor appointments – then they would have seen just how amazing tonight truly was for our family and for my daughter.

I owe all of my love and gratitude to her drum teacher, who has never doubted her, not even for a second! He has challenged her while knowing her limits at the same time!  He is truly an angel on Earth for us! Thank you for loving our girl the way you do and giving her the opportunity you did tonight!  You have helped her overcome so much and believe in herself! We love you❤️

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