The music therapist

June 10, 2015 § 1 Comment

So this is quite a different post for me to write but as I watched her teach today I knew her sparkle needed to be shared with the world.

I did get her permission to write about her.   

Her name is Danielle Bayer.

She and I met several times over the years at fundraisers for the Williams Syndrome Association where she performed for children – using her special music therapy skills to bring complete joy to the children around her.

Over the years I have observed many music therapists.  I have come to form opinions about what makes a music therapist great and effective and I have found all of those qualities within Danielle’s abilities.

  She brings an air of magic into the classroom and she is without a doubt everyone’s favorite part of their week.

She works so hard through routine , bonding , understanding of complex disabilities and brings laughter to everyone’s day. 

  • The effects of her work are reflected both during class but also continue to effect us all even after and has left. 
  • I have witnessed non-verbal students , finding their voice.
  • I see increased speech production from all Students involved, neurotypical or not.
  • I see from these students increased ability to follow directions and most importantly the students see themselves as a group and they have bonded as such and now look after and respect one another.

I have never been moved to write about a specific person before but as she was leaving yesterday after our last session for the year I thought – I need to write about her, the world needs to know what a great music therapist can do.

Danielle also performs live singing in Plymouth, MA regularly.  

Thank you Danielle! 


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