May 18, 2015 § 2 Comments

I can’t say it’s been the best year educationally for my daughter.  Honestly, I think it’s fair to say she has made no academic progress at all.

I take all the blame.  Yes I do! You see, this was the first year of middle school for her. It was a fresh start for all of us. I truly wanted to trust the school to do their job.  I truly didn’t want to complain, fight and struggle with them.    I kept having faith, I denied my inner voice of speaking out and speaking up.  I stopped writing for fear that they would read negative words (even if it’s  not about them) and my relationship with them would be soiled.  


In two weeks we are having an IEP meeting and I fear that all of this must be dealt with.

It has been a year without having modifications and accommodations as outlined, a year without encouraged indepence, a year of assignments she couldn’t access and worst of all no success at all.  Not one positive educational outcome. 

I should have stepped in sooner, I should have called them out.  By the time I was angry enough we found out she needed spinal surgery and it sent me for a loop. It sucked the wind out of our sails for quite sometime  – emotionally, energetically and physically.  I couldn’t find the fight in myself when I was just trying to make sure she was going to be o.k. – it was about priorities at that time.

Life is finally back to normal (if that’s a thing) and I am kicking myself. 

My daughter has completed hours of assignments for school, written paragraphs and paragraphs with very little instruction and never received one back with even the slightest comments. As a matter of fact she has received almost no feedback at all except for an occasional test grade which has not once been above a D.

I know one teacher blames her and her cognition. And I have to agree and remind that person of the accommodations and modifications on her IEPS to work around her learning disabilities. But yet they were seldom if ever used

I have noticed as we move closer to the IEP meeting itself that suddenly home work is coming home with accommodations of less problems on a page.  This is not at all what is reflected in her IEP.  It’s their last  ditch effort of looking like they have tried I suppose!

Parents – trust your inner voice, don’t let things slide – when you do it feels like cleaning out a tub of ice cream that has been left in the sun.  It’s all sticky and sliding through your fingers at the same time.

Teachers -do your job! That’s it! Is it really that tough?  You don’t know better than the IEP and even if you did, that document is an agreement – don’t break your end!  And for the love of God learn about feedback and clear expectations!  

I’m off to figure out how to clean up this mess!

§ 2 Responses to MELTED ICE CREAM MESS

  • olivedavis says:

    Michelle…I couldn’t have said it better. You are right. Listen to your inner voice. One thing I am sure of if you let anything slide when it comes to your child everyone else seems only to happy to join you. That is one thing I have learned well. Never give up. You are a wonderful parent. Your daughter is very fortunate. It is about your daughter and your determination to see that she gets the best she can out of life. What anyone else thinks is unimportant …in the end it is a a about how you have helped your daughter and that you know you did the best you possibly could. Just keep everyone else on their toes and Ari will be fine.Good luck Michelle. 💝

  • olivedavis says:

    Your title. MELTED ICE CREAM MESS… perfect ….metaphorically speaking. lol

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