credit where credit is due 

March 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

So many post that I have written talk about the short comings of the experience with my daughter within special education.  Today I can say I need to give credit where credit is due.

We are one month post surgery for my daughter (spinal fusion) and she began the journey of getting back to school today.  She still tires very easily after such a big surgery so we are starting small and building her up gradually. Today she went for two hours hopefully a bit longer by Friday.

I have to say the school has handled this with great flexibility and has listened to my concerns and taken them seriously.  

One teacher has gone out of her way to assign “body guards”‘ to help my daughter feel safe in the hallway and another student to carry her books.  My daughter said “I felt like royalty!”

The children decorated her locker and made her feel warm and welcomed. I believe they did it without being told and just organized it on their own, either way what a beautiful gesture of love and friendship. 

When you are 11 and out of school for a month it feels like an eternity.

Today I would just like to say I am grateful for a good first day back.  I am grateful for the school understanding the gravity of the surgery she had done, saying flexible and accommodating her appropriately! 

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