Sunday night blues

January 4, 2015 § Leave a comment

As a teacher every Sunday night many of us get a pit in our stomach anticipating the upcoming week. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been teaching either this never seems to leave.

It has been a wonderful vacation here and we got a lot of rest. We truly needed it. I am grateful.

I woke up today (Sunday) with a terrible case of the Sunday Night Blues. This month is full of anticipation for us as a family. Knowing in less than a months time Ari will be undergoing a major surgery makes today feel even more “heavy”.

I am petrified.

I know it is not the worse surgery in the world and people have been through far worse – I totally get and respect that.

But I am petrified.

I always feel like I’m being dramatic when I discuss the anesthesia risks of Williams Syndrome, so I won’t do that right now and plus it will just send my thoughts spiraling.

For now I will focus on enjoying my Son’s lacrosse game and a last minute dinner out with my husband. At this point avoiding reality seems like the best idea.

To all those teachers out there who also woke up with a pit in their stomach and are already anticipating a sleepless night or swirling thoughts – I feel your pain, know your not alone and I pray for all of us a good night’s sleep.

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