The need to write today

August 19, 2014 § Leave a comment

I have learned that blogging so helps me process my own thoughts and emotions. Sometimes there are posts I don’t share. Not sure I’ll share this one either.

In writing from the surgical waiting room at Children’s Hospital in Boston.

I just left my daughter in the O.R. after watching her being sedated. It’s certainly not the first time I’ve done this but it NEVER gets easier. Just walking away and leaving her life in the hands of strangers.

As mentioned before the risks of anesthesia are high stakes for people with Williams Syndrome. There is extensive protocol and I am hoping it was followed closely enough today.

Her procedure today is extensive dental work – it’s not a super big deal like many of the people go through with Williams Syndrome. We thank our lucky stars that her heart is relatively sound where as most people with Williams endure far more complicated cardiovascular issues and surgeries.

My observations in the waiting room are this: the woman next to me is trying to give kind smiles as she frantically prays on her rosary beads, then guy to be right is totally plugged into his iPad watching a movie or something. Beyond him is a young couple who have been right along us since check in – the dad had also brought his daughter back and he has been as sniffly and weepy as myself until he got a text that made his wife totally pissed off – that was entertaining.

There is a person who hasn’t shut the volume off on his phone and getting texts every 10 seconds – grrrrr.

There is a woman arguing on the phone with her mother.

So far it’s a pretty sucky environment.

Tim has traveled to the gift store as Ari has requested a huge stuff animal to be waiting for her when she wakes up.

We should be getting an update on our girl in about 30 minutes – I really can’t wait to give her a kiss and hold her hand and see those big blue eyes.

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