How to prevent regression

August 10, 2014 § Leave a comment

Every year at the end of the school year I send out an email of an article entitled “it isn’t regression.” I send it out because the end of the school year is hard for many kids and they often slip into old patterns they have worked hard to overcome. But for one second I do not believe they have actually forgotten what they have previously learned – information doesn’t magically leave your mind – but under times of stress all of us choose what’s easiest to make it through the day.

Summer services at schools are often given to students over the summer months to prevent regression. Kids go to their respective schools for some tutoring in areas of weakness. We did it for years – why wouldn’t more of the same be even better?

Until I realized it’s a crock! Lol!! Sorry! Yup, that’s what I think – bringing my child to school for a couple hours a week to review the past years curriculum with (most likely) a teacher she’s never met before while her friends are at the beach. Yeah pretty much a crock.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not about throwing the baby out with the bath water here – I think it’s important to read over the summer but doing it cuddled up on the screen porch is far more enjoyable. And I think math too is so important but only so far as it’s functional – so we’ve done a lot of cooking and measuring. And then there’s writing – texting is still sentence development and a cute little blog to practice generating expressing ideas – doesn’t seem like work. Far more functional!! And way more fun!!

Social – yes her school based summer program used to have a social component – but she would come home stressed because many kids were lumped together and the behavioral kids could be intimidating. So three weeks of full days with Drama Kids International brought her joy, allowed her to see many friends, worked on public speaking and performance. Drum lessons added into that – we’ll um they say music is math and the rhythm seems to carry over adding rhythm to her day.

We have seen so much growth in so many ways from our girl this summer – ways we never expected because she didn’t have the stress of school on top of her regular days.

I believe by choosing not to participate in summer school this year we actually prevented regression.

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