Screen Porch Chats

August 1, 2014 § Leave a comment

One of the best parts of summer for our entire family is our screen porch. It’s comfy and inviting and inspires the best conversations.

It’s also the place where the kids often complete their summer reading for school.

Arianna is preparing for Middle School in the fall. She was assigned a choice of several books for her summer reading. I actually chose the one for her I thought she would like best without consulting her because I was in a “just get it done and order it off Amazon mode.”

Well I have to tell you I only read the very brief summary offered online.

The book is “Because of Mr. Terupt.”

One of the things that happens in the book is that the students from Mr. Terupt’s room go to visit the students down the hall in the “collaborative” classroom.

So here is Ari who self identifies as a person with special needs but truly leads a “typical” life style and ….. her wheels were spinning.

As we read together I became so very proud of my daughter and her ability to take perspective on this part of the book in a way that I never could and most of us never could.

She identified with both the typical kids and the special needs kids.

We talked while sitting on the screen porch for a long time about all of this. It amazes me how much she knows about other disabilities too.

She ended with asking me “How can I help kids with special needs? I want to be there for them.”

All of this so twisted up in varying perspectives, a conversation I could never have imagined and I know I am failing to explain clearly. It was nothing short of beautiful.

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