Buzzy brain

May 29, 2014 § 2 Comments

One of my friends/co-workers (amazing teacher) sometimes talks about when her brain feels buzzy. The feeling when you haven’t slept and there is a lot of physical noise coupled by mental stress – that makes a buzzy brain.

I have a buzzy brain right now and I have had it for days. Extreme stress and no sleep – not good!

Yesterday our annual review IEP meeting – went seemingly wonderful and left me feeling hopeful. The back up support of a well known Williams Syndrome specialist who led the meeting made all the difference. She educated the team about Williams Syndrome as she went through and was gentle with pointing out current weaknesses in Ari’s programming.

After the meeting I set out to tackle a task – contacting Children’s Hospital around confusion for an upcoming dental surgery.

Today at work I received a very confusing email from Children’s that was way out of direction regarding protecting our daughter during surgery since she is considered high risk (all people with Williams Syndrome are). I guess disregarding protocol is ok? NOT!

Thank God for the world’s best geneticist who is taking over the process – I hate bothering her but I know she will get it straight and I will have peace knowing things are being done right!

But then, as I was about to relax after all this was done – the dreaded note home from school came in the door with my exhausted little girl.

The note detailed her horrible behavior all day and how she had to be talked to about her sassy attitude. You know what it didn’t mention? It didn’t mention anyone trying to figure our what was up with her, why she was frustrated or what they could change about her day to help her switch gears. It basically pointed a finger at her saying “bad girl”.

They clearly had learned nothing in the meeting – nothing!!! My heart is broken, my daughter’s heart is broken.

In the car, on the way to her occupational therapy appointment after school, she discussed it all with me and was able to tell me about 6 things that had gone on that affected her but no one would listen, no one looked closely enough to see the big picture – ugh! I am so disappointed.

Needless to day with a surgery that’s taken 4 months to try to schedule and still isn’t and an educational system that repeatedly has let us down – my brain is buzzy – soooo buzzy.

Teachers – when a specialist tells you how it’s supposed to be for a kid – they are not kidding – they actually do know better than you! And Teachers remember behavior is communication – it is a symptom of something else gone wrong – stop treating the symptoms and start figuring out the problem and most of all STOP BLAMING THE KID!!!


§ 2 Responses to Buzzy brain

  • olivedavise says:

    Michelle I know how you feel. Been there done that. It never gets easier does it? You know what is right. You know what to do. What I would do is talk to the principal and the team manager. You mentioned before you have a great principal who listens. Talk to him/her about your concerns. Got a feeling it will make a difference for your Ari. Specialists do know. That is one thing I am sure of. It is not about the teachers or what they feel about being told something/anything. It is about your child. That is the bottom line. You are right ..they have to find the reason for the behaviour and stop blaming the kid or in some cases the parent. Good luck.

  • Nina Marchese says:

    So sorry to hear this Michelle. The absolute worst thing to endure as a parent is seeing your kid heartbroken unnecessarily. I get it and it sucks. Thinking of you and hoping tomorrow is a much better day. Sounds like you are lucky to have that Genetisit!

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