May 12, 2014 § 2 Comments

Today, Mother’s Day, I am filled with gratitude beyond words.

I am grateful for my own mother and how the life she and my father gave me as a child shaped me to be who I am today. They are the reason I am a teacher. My mother used to run the “Lollipop Nursery School” in our home, she was a nurse and my Dad a teacher – as a special ed teacher I feel as ifs career is a total blend of the two of theirs.

I am grateful that being a teacher has given me so much guidance in raising my children. It has allowed me to understand curriculum and how schools work and be able to connect at a tangible daily level with their school life. Although, my son now does math that is so far over my head that I can not provide any support at all.😬

Obviously being a special education teacher has helped tremendously with raising a special education child. A blessing and a curse really – I know too much. I often say when preparing for IEP meetings it’s like playing chess against myself! Always anticipating the next move and predicting what may happen. But the knowledge and not having to learn the ropes really helped. For this I am grateful!

I am grateful for the fact that I have a daughter with special needs. I wouldn’t trade her diagnosis for the world. I wouldn’t!! it certainly hasn’t been easy but it has been an exciting ride! My life is so full from the people we have met on this journey. My heart is so full from the ups and downs we have experienced. My knowledge about special education and special needs children is so much greater now. I am so grateful for the joy that she brings the world with her sparkle that’s contagious.

I am grateful for how it has shaped my marriage and the strength we have learned to develop as a team.

I am grateful for the lessons having a sister with special needs has taught my son. These lessons of acceptance and seeing people of all abilities and disabilities as “equal to” and never “less than” are something that he has learned through love and experience.

I am just so damn grateful for all of it today!

Thank you Aidan and Arianna for being amazing kids – you are a blessing to me and I am so lucky to be your mom. ❤️

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