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Our family took three days to “get out of dodge.” We went up to the mountains for some R&R. We are a tight family and thoroughly enjoy being together. We brought comfy clothes, snacks, meds, iPads and noise canceling headphones. Everyone was a bit tired from Easter but happy to be going away.

We had a wonderful time! We saw deer and bears! We ate and shopped and in the pictures posted on Facebook it looks down right perfect.
And to us it was – to another family who is not used to traveling with a person with slight medical issues, anxiety and a sensory processing disorder – it would have been…..strained… say the least.

All of those issues come with you on vacation and the flexibility and patience of the family is really the deciding factor on how the trip will go.

We have taken much bigger trips that have gone smoother than this one. I am most impressed with my son who continually rebounded from several minor disappointments and changes in plans that he was looking forward to. He has learned to be über flexible and understanding. I am also impressed with my daughter who despite all of these issues did the best she could to challenge herself to “keep going” even when it was hard for her – perseverance! At times the anxiety, medical and sensory needs won but that’s ok.

As parents we all have moments of grandeur because of our excitement of sharing the goodness of life with our kids. We have moments where we forget about the disability, we don’t plan for the anxiety and sensory needs and become disappointed about how things turn out. Flexibility and acceptance are the key here!

TEACHERS – I bet this happens to you in the classroom too. It’s easy to “forget” when your excited to share something that is really cool and our kids end up having a hard time. Please don’t stop trying! Our kids remember your excitement and that is a gift – seeing someone else excited about learning is GOOD! But just remember to be flexible and understanding in the moment – this is how it goes, ups and downs, peaks and valleys. Everyone learns to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and keep moving forward.

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  • olivedavis says:

    I totally understand. Right on about flexibility and understanding too. We often forget also about the disability and the anxiety and sensory issues. But you keep going. Redirection almost always works.

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