April 6, 2014 § 1 Comment

Every couple years one of my children are blessed enough to have one of THE GREATS as a teacher.

In my mind it’s equivalent to a sports all star. A teacher who is a master at their game. A teacher who has seen everything but knows they have not learned everything and continues to develop their craft.

“The greats” lead with their heart first. They stop and think if they are actually being effective, then change when they are not. They leave their ego at the door because their job is about the children not about themselves. They honor the things that they have to do because of mandates but also care equally as much about what they truly should be doing to help a child grow in all the ways that can’t be measured.

When your child is blessed to have one of “the greats” you know. As a parent you feel like the teacher has your child’s best interest at heart in a way that is different than other teachers. You know they are seeing the whole child and leading with their heart. Teachers who let their ego get in the way and become overly focused on the rules are seldom greats.

Teachers – check your ego, become flexible in a whole new way, open your heart just a little more and cherish the special immeasurable parts of our children so you can help them shine a little brighter. Be one of “the greats”!

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  • Olive says:

    Thank God for the blessing of knowing such teachers. We have come across a couple of those. It is those teachers who will always be remembered by us and our child with love. It is those teachers who made the difference to our child. You are a blessing to many as well.

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