All in a day

April 5, 2014 § 2 Comments

Today was a rough day at school for my girl. She got sent to the principals office because she refused to do her work in math class. I do not have all the details except that it was about money related math.

I was disappointed to hear the news but not angry at her. I know likely she was not being appropriately accommodated and that her needs weren’t being met so likely she found the work way to hard and shut down.
So frustrating because it’s APRIL and they still don’t understand my kid.

I was sitting here about to write and feeling a bit down hearted about the whole thing when the phone rang! The person on the other side instantly lifted my heart with his cheery hello! Listening to him talk brought me back to a place of calm. He is an adult who has the same syndrome as my daughter and he is amazing. He calls to talk to her and sometimes me (if I’m lucky) because they had an instantaneous bond when they first talked on the phone. There is a certain bond among people with Williams Syndrome, something that the rest of are not privy too. They are cosmically connected in a way that it beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. Hearing from this young man brought an instant sense of peace. It was an instant reminder that this blip in our week was unimportant and that in the end everything will be O.K. My gratitude for the adults with Williams Syndrome who have become my friend is beyond measure. They bring me tangible hope. Hope that comes as a soothing sound of a familiar voice over the phone or in loving sweet Facebook post from across the nation.

So to the teachers who can’t see the big picture – you are just a small blip on our radar of life, your impact may be forever lasting, positive or negative – but really in the end as a teacher you determine how that will play out. Parents will find hope, forget about you and move on – unless of course your one of “the greats” in which case we will forever keep you in our hearts.

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