Gotta Love a Teacher

March 28, 2014 § 1 Comment

So I realize that maybe it seems like I give teachers a bad rap sometimes in my writing. It is certainly NOT my intention, after all I am a teacher.

There are many teachers out there that LOVE your children. We work countless hours to make sure everything is perfect for them. Last weekend I spent more time working than I did with my family. Most teachers spend most moments of quiet free time, commutes home and nights with insomnia thinking about our students, they flood our minds – the same way parents worry and think about their own children – we worry, we celebrate, we plan and we think about the future.

Many people think teachers have it easy because we work school hours and have the summers off. It makes me want to pull my hair out. TEACHING IS NOT EASY! The demands put on teachers these days are absurd. We are not afforded the time we need to be able to do our job at work so most of us do it over the weekend at home. We also spend a good portion of the summer planning for the school year ahead or working teaching summer school.

I love my job! I love it more than anything when I can show that a student has made progress. I love “holding the hand” of parents who are walking this journey and I love to be able to tell them that “I understand” because of my own life.

Unfortunately there are still many teachers out there that just “don’t get it”. Those are the people I hope to reach with my writing. If I ruffle a few feathers along the way or have someone take something personally – well then…. GOOD…I’ve done my job. I want people to continuously think about how to improve their teaching. I want parents to feel like they are not alone and I hope to God that in someway I can serve as a catalyst for change in a child’s life.

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  • Olive davis says:

    I can tell you are a great teacher. I also believe you will make your mark in education. You will make a positive impact in more ways than one. Good luck!

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