March 26, 2014 § 1 Comment

I think most parents with special needs kids who are receiving special education services through the school often feel like they should have went to law school.

When we are advocating to get services for our children so much of it turns into “making a case” or “establishing need.”

I often think of IEP meetings or team
meetings as going to trial. There must be hard cold evidence and it has to
be stronger than the schools. Parents must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that their child needs support.

I learned how to do everything around the IEP process in grad school and on the fly while practicing – but I never truly understood it until I was a parent, until it became personal.

It is a process for all special needs parents to self-educate about special needs laws. The school gives you a little pamphlet every year about your rights are as a parent involved with special education but it barely scratches the surface. There are timelines for EVERYTHING in special education, along with laws – all of this exists to protect the child and parent. The problem is most parents just trust the school at face value and they don’t bother to learn more.

The same is true often for educators of all sorts – they just don’t know the rules. I urge teachers, therapists, and parents to read more, Google more and question everything. Check out if you never have and buy books about the IEP process. The more educated and knowledgeable you become the more you can support your child.

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