Crazy Lady

March 19, 2014 § 1 Comment

I know the school must think I’m a crazy lady for advocating for my kid the way I do.

Today I sat at Ari’s O.T. appointment and told the therapist the latest update both on medical and educational news. It has only been two weeks since we chatted and the amount of things I had to relay were astronomical. So much happens every week and it all seems major.

Let’s get something straight – I choose none of this! I would not wish this constant advocacy role on my worst enemy. It is heart wrenching and exhausting.

We are having a lot of observations, planning meetings and consults to prepare for the transition to middle school. I am sure it would be much easier if I “just didn’t” but the truth is I am trying really hard now so that things will hopefully be smoother in the future and I won’t have to do this stuff (as much) because it will be in place.

I am sure I am judged for doing all this. I am sure the school rolls their eyes and has names for me like “crazy lady.” But I can take it …. I’ve gotten used to it. Most of all, Ari deserves someone to work hard for her.

I am sorry for the hard working parents who are just trying to do the right thing and get deemed “crazy people.”

Teachers – I know it’s easy to feel annoyed when a parent questions things, expects a lot, sends in an observer or requests a meeting. Just remember it likely has nothing to with you and everything to do with wanting the best for their child. You are a conduit to help them achieve that.

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  • Olive davis says:

    My first thought when I read your title…”oh my God she is writing about me”. lol. I feel exactly the same. You speak for all of us once again. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you. The truth is you could be writing about me..our thoughts are so parallel. I wonder how many parents feel that you are our voice? We understand. We are either experiencing it now or have already. You are not crazy. If you are, we all are. You are an exceptional parent in my eyes! 🙂

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