March 18, 2014 § Leave a comment

Where would I be without humor?
I am a person who likes to laugh a lot!
I love teaching because my students make me laugh everyday.

Having a child who has involved needs has taught me not to take too much too seriously, unless it really matters. My husband and I certainly use laughter as a coping skill, constantly. The more intimidating the day we are dealing with the more jokes that we are cracking along the way. Our house is full of teasing and we are all really good at being able to laugh at ourselves.

How is this important in education? Teaching is a stressful job, kids are funny, let them laugh, laugh with them, and find friends to laugh with. Help students learn the importance of humor.

Many of our socially challenged kids need to be taught humor directly and that can be a difficult task for those of us who teach social education but it is also a fun task and a rewarding one.

I guess humor is often a cover for what is really going on. I had a remarkably stressful day today and I cried. I wish I could talk about it here but I can’t. So I suppose this blog is my “cover” today for things I really rather write about. Laughing is much better than crying.

Joni Mitchell sings “laughing and crying it’s the same release…”

But I rather laugh!

I hope you have some chuckles in your day.

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