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March 13, 2014 § Leave a comment

Today at work we had a wonderful professional development seminar. Then, directly afterwards, we had another professional development seminar. Yes, 6 hours of sitting through classes as a student.

The first presenter was AMAZING! She was dynamic, inspirational, appealed to logic but also to our emotions. She used video, visuals and humor. Two and a half hours flew by in the blink of an eye. “Good Teaching!” The entire time I stayed engaged and focused.

The second presenter was flat, dry and poorly delivered material. She had a power point that she hadn’t mastered created by someone else. I stayed engaged for an very short amount of time. After that, I began to fidget, swing my legs, compulsively check my phone, eat life-savers and do anything I possibly could to stay alert. This is very uncharacteristic of me. But then what was worse is that I became a “behavior problem.” I couldn’t help myself I continuously talked to my partner, cracking jokes, laughing, talking and rolling our eyes. (Sorry partner!) My behavior also affected her ability to attend and then, we both stopped following directions.

It was really eye opening to have these two dramatically different experiences within one day.

It made me reflect on a lot of things.

Teachers – When you see that kid squirming around in their seat remember it’s a form of self-regulation. When you see them distracting others by talking – it could be because their brain is saturated and they have lost interest and they simply can’t take in anymore information. Please take a step back and ask yourself “How can I help? Ask yourself “What can I do right now to help this kid get back on track?” Don’t be so quick to get frustrated or treat them like a “behavior problem” – the reason they are struggling could possibly be that your teaching needs to change to support them differently. It sounds so basic but in the middle of the daily grind it’s easy to forget.

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