Roomies, pacing and going dormant

March 7, 2014 § Leave a comment

Last night as I sat and drafted a letter to the school I asked my father to listen to what I had written. My parents recently put an in-law addition onto our home and their presence has been powerful.

My dad, whom we call “Coach” used to be a teacher and have a role in administration as well. He is a good sounding board for me even when I don’t particularly likehis advice, I know he is usually right.

So after listening to my letter and getting his stamp of approval he offered some advice. It’s advice he has offered in the past and it’s something in my heart I know to be true “pace yourself, your in this for a long time, take a break, it will be ok.” He’s right. Sometimes in the moments of rage that the school brings out it’s hard to remember, but, he’s right.

Tonight my husband and I went out and my awesome parents (and now “roommates”, lol) babysat for a couple hours so we could get that break and it was wonderful.

Thank you dad for the reminder.
Thank you mom for listening.
Thank you for being a huge part of our lives.

Teachers – remember sometimes parents go dormant (or seem to) but we are still there simply refueling our mind, body and souls for whatever is next. Please do a good job so we can stay “dormant” …. We like it better this way and my guess is so do you.

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