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When you have a child with ongoing medical needs you spend a lot of time in waiting rooms. I am in one right now. I don’t mind it usually. The people watching is usually pretty entertaining.

It really is a kind of purgatory though. I make myself laugh when I think if it that way. There is what you know before the appointment, the waiting (purgatory), then you develop new knowledge at the appointment – sometimes major news.

The pattern is always the same the door opens and everyone looks up to see if their name is called. In this particular waiting room we are one of the only English speaking families. I love seeing other people and how different their lives are and how they are the same.

There is anxiety in purgatory because you don’t know what the appointment will bring. Sometimes it’s good news, sometimes, it’s bad news and usually it means more appointments.

I feel bad because Ari experiences these same anxieties. This anxiety starts long before the appointment, as it does for all of us dealing with the questions and uncertainty. These things are certainly going through her mind while she is at school and they certainly impact her day.

Teachers – I believe I’ve said this before – be sensitive, remember that these children have a greater picture to their profile than you probably even know about. Sometimes, they are carrying around grown up sized worries. Keeping an open, honest communication with the family would be helpful so you know what is going on. In order to have that communication you must first have their trust, so do everything you can for these kids, ask questions, show concern, be patient with the child at school and let the family know that you will support their child during the school day.

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