It is a legal document!!!!

March 5, 2014 § 1 Comment

Tonight we had big glitches with Arianna’s MCAS accommodations and how they were interpreted. ( Who knew they were open to interpretation?). I have been sending emails all night trying to make sure she will have what she needs in the morning for her long composition.

Honestly I am somewhere between my head about to explode and wanting to cry. Why? Why do I have to monitor this? Why can’t the school just do their job?

I keep rereading the accommodations, I want to give them the benefit of the doubt – honestly I do! But mostly I want my daughter to get what is outlined!

It is nights like this that make me angry!

But there is another point of view. My mind oscillates through both at warp speed like a flip book for animated pictures.

This other point of view is “Who cares?!?” I know in my heart she is not likely to perform well regardless of the accommodations. At the same time I am processing the thought that if she had been appropriately accommodated all along maybe should would.

It is a maddening mind game!

At times I think to myself “Just let it go, what difference does it make.” And the next moment I am steaming mad because she deserves to get what is outlined in her plan.

Teachers- Remember the IEP IS A LEGAL DOCUMENT! It must be honored! You can not change what is outlined because of your opinion or what is convenient in the moment! Ever! As parents this is where we put our trust in the school – when you decide to change things on your own our trust gets broken. Once trust is broken it is virtually impossible to repair.

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  • olive davis says:

    I never thought of it as a legal document before. It really is? I thought of it as binding and everyone would follow it. I spent many nights and days where you are. It is maddening and it should not be…if everyone did their part. You’re right. Once the trust is broken it is virtually impossible to repair….but you still have to trust…for me I never did once it was broken…I wanted to…but couldn’t. Not everyone is like me and probably could. Sometimes it seems we have no choice as parents to trust but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep on top of things and try to keep an open mind (or try to keep an open mind). My daughter has had some wonderful caring and loving teachers but there were others that I feel should not be teaching…period, let alone with a student with needs. You are an exceptional mom and you will make sure things are done right. You will not regret it. Good luck Michelle. Your daughter Arianna is blessed to have a mom like you. You are very strong…obviously. ❤ You manage her IEP and her accommodations and you know she got the best you could give her. You are her best advocate. Remember that above all. You know her best. 🙂 Don't stress too much. You and Arianna will be fine with you in the lead.

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