Team meetings

March 4, 2014 § 2 Comments

Is there anything worse than a team meeting when you are a parent of a child with needs? Well, of course, but on that day it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

Team meetings for me are so emotion packed. Everyone seems edgy and granted I’m demanding because I except high quality from the teachers, I expect honesty and I expect empathy. Is that asking too much?

As a special educator when I have to sit in meetings I am constantly visualizing myself in that parents shoes. If they begin to cry I am absolutely feeling their pain or joy with them.

It is so hard to sit around a table with a lot of people and listen to “what’s wrong”. There are some good things that are said, but let’s face it, we are in those meetings because our child is so far off the curve they have been labeled. Yes, the plan is to help them and give them what they need but it doesn’t change the emotion. As a parent I am so grateful for the hard work teachers usually do. But it is the ones who try to “snow” me that are etched in my mind forever.

As a teacher, in meetings I try to be honest but gentle. I try to remember that parents for the most part know how their kid is functioning. I delight in making parents feel heard and mostly I want then to know how much I care about their child.

I am sure that most teachers feel the same way I do – they want the parent to be happy.

Teachers – please remember to be kind but gentle . Please remember to let parents know how much you enjoy your child and let them know you want to work hard to make sure their child has the best possible education. I know most teachers do that but I ask that they also remember how hard it is for parents to sit in those meetings. When their child was born they certainly never considered they would be sitting around with several professionals discussing education in that manner and although some of us have done it over and over it never gets easier.

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  • olive davis says:

    For us team meetings were a bit intimidating at first but not for long. We knew our daughter best and we just knew it was our duty to educate others about her and what she can do and what could be done to enable her to do more. You are a teacher that most parents would want their child’s teacher to be like. You are right again…the ones who try to snow you are the ones you tend to remember. Maybe it is because they are the ones who struck a pang of fear in you for your daughter and her safety and welfare, I don’t know, but for me that is what it was. Kind of like warning signals of what to expect. Don’t ignore those feelings. It is your gut instinct. What we need to do more of is remember that most teachers care about their students, and the one or two who don’t make us suspicious about the other teachers. We must try remember to focus on the good teachers and remember the majority are good. The one bad apple could be removed or reported or whatever. That is also part of our responsibility as parents … make sure our kids are treated with respect and dignity…and anyone who disagrees….is worth having monitored or watched. I am a parent. That is what I think. 🙂

  • olive davis says:

    A couple of times I ignored my gut instinct. I was sorry for it. Never ignore that.

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