On becoming background noise…

February 25, 2014 § Leave a comment

I wonder what it feels like to need a lot of re-direction as a student? I wonder what it feels like to have a teacher tell you to “keep your brain and body in the group” a gazillion times a day? I wonder what it feels like to hear your name repeatedly when you are being redirected often?

I was very conscious of this in my own teaching today and I felt so horrible saying the child’s name several times within one class but in the situation I was unsure how else to get this student to attend. In the moment I was caring more about this student learning the material than their self esteem or frustration level. I then noticed and stopped and let the distraction roll in and out for this student. And you know what? There was no difference – there was just less of my voice. That was better for both of us.

I have seen my daughter experience similar times. She used to come home and be so upset because she felt like she heard her name all day long .
She felt picked on.

How do we find balance in this situation? How so we meet our needs as educators in helping students meet their goals without having them feel like they are constantly in the spotlight?

We must remember as teachers that these students will likely be in special education format years and to pace ourselves towards making sure
we do not burn them out on “us”. We need to make sure that the strategies we offer don’t become background noise for them. When we do become background noise we have become ineffective. Most importantly we need to help students move away for extrinsic sources and strategies to intrinsic ones. Sometimes we may need to even let them fail.

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