Free, fair and equal?

February 23, 2014 § 1 Comment

It’s amazing how much stress special education can cause a family. It is so unfair! A recent comment on my blog left me thinking if we have to work so hard and fight for everything for our children as special education parents is that a fair and equal education?

If we as special education parents must pay out of pocket to hire specialist, advocates and possibly attorneys to help our children get what they need – is it still a “free” education?

Thinking about all this is mind boggling! It is so super stressful on a family to have these worries that go way beyond the “typical” education experience. It can create havoc! It affects the entire family financially and emotionally. It drains us. It leaves us with less energy to spend on things that are of equal importance In our lives.

We advocate for our children being as assertive as we have to be. This stress and pressure causes our passionate conversations to seem aggressive and then ends up leaving us with staff and administrators rolling their eyes at us once we walk away or leave the room. It’s maddening!

So to educators and therapist, and yes even a reminder for myself, think of what that parent must have gone through before they stood in front of you advocating and fighting for their child. Think about the price they and their family have paid both financially and emotionally to lead them to finally need professional extra support. What a strain on families – this is not a fair, equal or free education! No parent wants to be in the position of this stress, fighting for their child’s needs! No one ever does! But as parents no matter what the cost we will make sure our child gets the best they possibly can!

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  • olive davis says:

    Very true statement Michelle. The question remains how do we fix it? The laws are in writing but who pays attention to them?, and who even monitors to see how effective they are? The sad thing too is it could be only one person who causes all the havoc…like the rotten apple. I don’t think all teachers are of the same mind, or all parents either but they can be swayed just like you or me.

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