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Often our kids with needs, especially in the younger years, are under a microscope. In some cases they are being seen by a host of therapist (Special educators, O.T., P.T., Speech etc…) and all these people are constantly watching every thing they do, sometimes too much. These kids end up being looked at under a microscope. The whole child is often not seen. They are scrutinized on every thing from eye contact, to how they said hello, to how much they are moving their body but in a way that other children are not. Although we may see a child with needs produce a behavior or something that we don’t like it’s often within the realm of normal. We forget it’s normal for kids to be kids!

I often stop and try to remember how I felt when I was younger and the way I made sense of the world. It was not good or bad it was just “my way” and I remember how it felt. I remover being 7 and punching a friend in the stomach. I remember being 10 and wanting to melt into the woodwork . I remember being 12 and just wanting to keep up with everyone else socially. I remember what it felt like to struggle in math. I remember getting called out by a teacher for zoning out in fourth grade. I remember how those things felt – all very normal things although if I had been “identified” any “off” behaviors would have been labeled, scrutinized, discussed and had data collected on them. All I am saying is remember that we all do weird things as we grow up – our kids with needs do to – just remember and don’t keep looking through the microscope – take a step back and look with your memory of your own youth and your heart.

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