A better way

February 9, 2014 § 1 Comment

Today I went into work on a Sunday to work on three IEPs. One was for a student that will have a different learning services teacher next year. As I was perfecting the goals and benchmarks for this student I thought about how clear my vision was for him and I wrote the goals with explicit language so they can be carried out easily with the new teacher. (They weren’t your run of the mill goals.) I thought about now matter how clear my vision is and no matter how explicit my words are they will still be interpreted slightly different than my intent. This recently happened to my daughter too. Very specific planning was done at her IEP meeting last year and goals were written in specific terms but still this year they are interpreted differently by a new teacher. The intention of the goal is lost. The part of the goal that was written with understanding for the child, the part that was written with the previous teacher’s heart was lost. It is hard for parents to deal with new teams each year. I will say every year it feels like you are starting over. It’s exhausting! I wish special needs teachers could loop with students from one grade to the next as long as the parents agreed and had the option to try someone new when it wasn’t working. At my current school I sometimes have the honor of being the liaison/learning services teacher for three years for the same student. It is amazing to watch them grow, to get to know their families and perfect how I am teaching this child a little better each year. Having one central person to be with the child for extended time can only insure higher quality and more investment from teachers who lead with their heart.

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